A creative space which focuses on nurturing and inspiring young children in developing conceptual artworks

At Art Loft, we believe in encouraging children to express themselves through the beautiful language of visual art. We guide children through projects, from the first stage of conceptualisation and sketching to creating the final product, all with their own ideas and hand! ​​


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Each term, lessons revolve around a central theme that is built around a trip to a museum. Children learn about art in the museum context, and carry out exercises. In these exercises, they are exposed to a wide range of art styles and materials including drawing, batik, clay, printmaking, ink drawings, and still life.  

Cave Explorers
Treehouse Artists
Attap Artists
For ages 18 months to 2 years old. Get messy with the tots as you join them in discovering the world of art. 
For ages 5 to 6 years old. 
For ages 3 to 4 years old. 
Teepee Artists
Yurt Artists
For 13 to 16 years old. 
For ages 7 to 12 years old. 


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  2. Museum
    Are you looking for a holiday programme that is fun and yet filled with loads of learning opportunities for your child? Join us at the Art Loft as we explore the theme, Ceramics, and examine how art is a part of our daily lives!
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June Holiday Programme

DAAH ​​(Do Art At Home) Loft Ideas​ 

DAAH Loft Ideas 1.1: About NATURE and ARCHITECTURE around us...

The school holidays are round the corner so it's time for family outings again! 
 Here are two art activities for the whole family...
Have lots of fun with nature and architecture during your family adventures!

 ​​Art Activity 1: Natu​re Collage

This activity is excellent for honing observation skills in our children.

What colours do you see?
What shapes do you notice?
What lines do we have here?
How does the nature material feel?

   You will need,
    - a camera (or your camera phone)
    - a neighbourhood park
    - imagination...loads of it!

  How it works:
  1.  Head out to the neighbourhood park with you child. Explore the park together; pick up FALLEN leaves, twigs and flowers of  various shapes, sizes and colours.
  2. Find a good space on the ground to create your nature collage! Together with your child, lay out your collection of nature materials. Invite your child to arrange the nature materials to create...
            - letters of the alphabet
            - his/ her name
            - a land animal
            - a sea animal
            - a habitat for each animal

  3. ​ Record every of your YOUNG ARTIST'S creation with your camera.
  4. Return the nature materials to where you found them when you ​are done!

 ​​Art Activity 2: Architectural Drawing

It's all about Perspective !
Does the building look the same from wherever you are?
What are the basic shapes that make up the building?

   You will need,
    - a camera (or your camera phone)
    - a computer/ tablet/ laptop
    - a printer which is connected to the above
    - glue
    - scissors
    - a piece of A3 cartridge paper (drawing paper)
    - a drawing pen (of at least 0.5 nib size)

  How it works,
  1. Together with your child, explore your neighbourhood and photograph an interesting building.
  2. Back at home, view the photograph together on a computer (remember to save the image). Crop out an interesting part and print that out (no larger than an A4 size print). Glue the cut-out on the cartridge paper... Be creative with how you position it!
  3. Invite your child to continue from the cut-out and draw the rest of the building.